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Film by Philippe Gérard

Script:P.Gérard and P. Frolla

Freediving is a natural way to feel close to nature and not just a contest to get into the Guiness Book of World Records. The impressive performances of Pierre Frolla bring the audience to discover his world through his character. We visit several oceans and seas. The way of living of Pierre Frolla brings us in an adventure in harmony with the submarine world, as well as meeting people that lives from the sea. On a Long Breath is a worldwide poetic trip with a half-human half-fish host, ...

The Film

Genre: Documentary - Portrait - 3D.

Creation: Created in 2014

Making off: Shooting for 51 days of travelling all around the Oceans: Indian, Pacific, Atlantic and Mediteranean sea. Our team even lived immersed in a Kanak tribe in New Caledonia for several days. Prototype of 3D camera have been made in order to address the extreme condition of shooting: very short period of freediving sessions and wild life underwater. A long process of corrections has been made in post-production phase



Location of shooting

Monaco, Mediterranean sea

France, Mediterranean sea

Bahamas, Grand Bahama

Mauritius Island, Indian Ocean

New Caledonia, Pacific Ocean


Staring: Pierre Frolla

Direction: Philippe Gérard

Director of Photography: René Heuzey

Underwater Caméramen: René Heuzey, Jérôme Espla

Caméramen: Alexandre Hardouin,Philippe Gérard, Jérémy

Stereoscopy: Digital Magic, Philippe Gérard

Special thanks

René Heuzey, Pierre Frolla, Claudia, Luc Clément, Jérôme Gremez, Kristy, Percy, Digital Magic Studio - Hong Kong,Vineet, Raj, Ultra Ray - India Mauritius prime minister, HSH Prince Albert of Monaco, Mauritius Government, Philippe Frolla, Hugues Vitry, Patrick Masse, Société des bains de mer - Monaco(SBM)


Format: 3D Digital DCP and 2D

Duration: 52 Minutes

TV: 2D available

IMAX and 4D: 14 minutes

Status: International English version completed

Ready for distribution

Cantonese and Mandarin versions ready for voice over